Disc Golf Valley Patch Notes 1.411, 2023-10-19

Contents and features.

As Season 3 comes to an end on October 27th 11:30 UTC, all players who played 5 or more matches during the season will receive rewards based on their ranking.

Season 4 is soon to be out, along with the accompanied Season 4 Pass. Hoist yer mast, and score some yo-ho-hole in ones in the valley. Perhaps, if you play well enough, you’ll get visited by the dreaded Captain C.

We have adjusted the Season Pass Content for Season 4. The new discs that are available in the random disc rewards in the season track are:
Kastaplast: Rask, Stål
Dynamic Discs: Vandal, EmacTruth
Westside Discs: Harp, Sword
Latitude 64: Savior

When adding these discs, we’re also removing the same amount of discs from the reward track, and adding the ones not already in the level up pool, to the level up pool. The new discs that are available in the level up pool and daily deals coin shop are:
Level 5: Bounty (Dynamic Discs)
Level 10: Shield (Westside Discs)
Level 20: Guld, Lots (Kastaplast)
Level 50: Felon (Dynamic Discs), Hatchet (Westside Discs)

Added new molds to the game. We won’t reveal too much right away, but there might be some old-school aquatic creatures making a return to the game. Stay tuned!

Added more Stock Stamps allowing us to use those discs in reward pools now and in the future.

Added a feature where a player can have multiple bags, with different discs in each bag. Fill up three bags, pick the one you want for the purpose you want. It has never been easier to complete Badges in Challenge the Valley! The bags are unlocked based on your player level. You start with one, get your second bag at level 10, and your third one at level 20.

Added a new course, Northern Breeze. Don’t forget the hand warmers!

Upcoming Halloween Event, for the sweet tooth.

Some minor changes to the season track, it should now be more clear when you level up.

New (really cool) disc trails and effects added, which will be available in the Pro Shop and Season Track in the coming months.

New team series players.

Quality of Life and Bug fixes.

Artur finally caught the spider hiding in the shadows!

Issue: When we added the new Berg/Warship stamp to the game, it overrode the stamp that players had previously purchased. We reverted the change and looked to find a better permanent solution.
Solution: We have now added back the new Berg stamp to the game. This stamp is available through the Season Pass reward track. The old Mountain Berg stamp is no longer available, but will remain in your collection if you already have it. This change is reflected in the Warship stamp as well. This issue should also not happen again in the future on other discs.

Issue: When entering the collection with a large amount of discs, it freezes the game and in some instances crashes it.
Solution: We have queued the loading, and added a loading bar for better feedback to the player to understand what’s happening. For most players this should be a direct improvement. We’re still not quite there to handle collection sizes that span multiple thousands of discs however. We also added a save animation for when you exit the collection, for clarification on when the game saves your changes in the bags/collection.

Issue: When a Mercy disc had the Rauta color, it showed the Mercy stamp.
Solution: The Mercy stamp no longer shows up on the Rauta color, and should also have better alignment in other rare colors.

Issue: When starting a new season, it’s daunting for many players to play versus the best players in the game while they finished in Prospect or lower in the previous season, since all players now revert back to exactly 500 ELO points.
Solution: Squish the ELO instead, using an algorithm we can squish players ELO to go towards 500. You’ll start higher than you ended the previous season if you finished lower than 500, and you’ll face players around your own level instead of the world champs and multi-season winners. Conversely, players who finish above 500 points will start higher than 500. Generally, players will land between 400-600.

Issue: We had an issue with Glimmer Colors where they didn’t glimmer.
Solution: Made Glimmer Colors glimmer again.

Issue: We were unable to provide you with Rare Colors for certain disc brands because the Latitude 64° stamp was attached to some of them.
Solution: We added more small logos like the Latitude 64° Logo on the Rare Colors. The Westside and Dynamic discs that we have added to the level up pool will now be able to use Rare Colors and have their own brand’s logo on the disc.

Issue: In multiplayer, the follow-flight trails are sometimes visually intrusive.
Solution: Make the trails a little bit more transparent, but up the saturation to still keep them vibrant. This should result in them not taking over the screen as much.

Various bug fixes: Fixed miscellaneous bugs throughout the game.

A big thank you!
We’ve gone through a lot of your feedback from the survey that we posted a little while after Season 3 started. There’s thousands of entries to go through that have filled in the manual text fields, so it’ll take a while longer to get a clear picture. We have some good takeaways already, and we’re working on implementing some of these changes for the November/December release, and Season 5. We plan to follow-up on this some more in the next year as well with another survey to compare the before/after in order to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

See you in the Valley!
Best wishes, the Spinoff Games Team.

Disc Golf Valley Patch Notes 1.389, 2023-08-25

Contents and features.

As Season 2 comes to an end, all players who played 5 or more matches during the season will receive rewards based on their ranking. 

Season 3 is soon to be out, along with the accompanied Season 3 Pass. If you're trying to rank up for Season 3, don't get caught in the middle of a railroad track. Bolt to action, climb the ladder, and upgrade your bag with the new Season 3 Pass rewards.

We have adjusted the Season Pass Content for Season 3. For example: The Latitude 64 Disc Pool for the Random Disc Rewards now has a completely new pool. The discs in this pool are: Fury, Sapphire, Core, Hope, Claymore, Rive.

We use a different attribute pool for the Season Pass Random Disc Rewards than we do in the Level Up Rewards. For example: The Heavy, and the Extra Fade attribute are nonexistent in the Season Pass. This is to help ensure that you get more desirable options from the Random Disc Rewards from the Season Pass. Just like in Season 2.

Added new molds to the game. The Discmania Essence and Origin can be found in the Season 3 Pass, while others will be revealed  very soon.

Added more Stock Stamps allowing  us to use those discs in reward pools now and in the future. 

AI Tournaments have a new look. All available tournaments are now always listed from easiest to hardest. You can also see how many out of the 35 tournaments that you have finished 1st place in!

Quality of Life and Bug fixes.

We're now back from vacation!

Issue: When claiming the random disc rewards in the season pass, you would sometimes receive multiple discs of the same mold including the attributes. This is not fun.

Solution: Now, every random disc reward in the season pass will always yield three different molds.

Issue: When claiming the random disc rewards in the season pass, if you lost your session or crash, the reward was considered claimed but you received no reward.

Solution: You can now opt to choose your disc reward later. Even if you lose your session or crash during the selection, the reward is not considered "claimed", and you will be able to claim it again.

Issue: The Latitude 64 disc pool in the Season Pass is the same as the royal (level 50+) Level Up Reward. This makes the reward less exciting as many players likely have seen most of these discs many times before. Especially in the end game rewards post season level 26.

Solution: The Latitude 64 disc pool is now improved, and now contains the following 6 discs instead: Fury, Sapphire, Core, Hope, Claymore, Rive. This does not affect the Level Up Reward pool.

Issue: When we added the new Berg stamp to the game, it overrode the stamp that players had previously purchased.

Temporary Solution: Revert the Berg stamp to the mountain art stamp, and in a later patch reintroduce the new text-Berg stamp without overriding the old Berg stamp. This will affect all of the text-Berg stamps, and turn them into the Mountain Berg, including the ones received in the Season Pass Random Disc Reward.

Problem: When finishing a round, and you receive your experience in the summary screen, there are no sound effects for some of the rewards.

Solution: Add sound effects on the missing spots.

Issue: When unlocking the season pass, there's not a lot of feedback showing that you have unlocked it. Sometimes players don't notice that they have received the on-purchase-disc or didn't know that they were supposed to get one.

Solution 1: Move the on-purchase-disc to the season track at "level 0". This way we both teach the player how to claim the reward, and have clearer feedback that the disc has been received. You will be able to claim this disc even if you haven't played a single multiplayer match yet.

Solution 2: After purchasing the season pass, the game now sends the player directly to the multiplayer view, where they can claim their earned rewards.

Solution 3: After sending the player directly to the multiplayer view post-purchase, play a short animation and sound effect which shows the unlocking of the season pass.

Issue: In Play with Friends, there's an issue with Sunshine Glade where sometimes you cannot progress to the next hole.

Temporary Solution: Disable Sunshine Glade in Play with Friends until we implement a permanent fix.

Issue: When finishing in first place in a ranked multiplayer match, you would sometimes not receive +1 on the Multiplayer Master badge count, or coins.

Solution: Now when you finish in 1st place in a multiplayer match, you get progress for your Multiplayer Master badge, as well as coins, as you should.

Issue: When entering the multiplayer screen, your scroll position in the season pass always defaults to the start, and you have to scroll manually to the level which you want to claim. This makes it hard to tell when you have a reward unlocked.

Solution: Now when entering the multiplayer screen, it will scroll to the position of the highest claimable object. This means that if you level up, you also will be able to immediately see and claim your new reward. We also made the claimable objects animated to easily spot them.

Issue: When accessing the Pro Shop, Branded Packs which have been in the shop for longer will show up top. This makes it hard to tell when there are new packs available.

Solution: Move the Branded packs further down, and move the Pro Packs further up. Now the order is: Season Pass, Pro Packs, Branded Packs, Coin Boosters.

Issue: When progressing the season pass, the Coin rewards felt lackluster.

Solution: Double the Coin rewards between level 1-25.

Issue: Some players couldn't access the Daily Challenge when the new Ikigai Enso was in the pool.

Solution: We temporarily disabled Ikigai Enso from the Daily Challenge, we are looking forward to enabling it again soon. All players should now be able to play.

Issue: When previewing the discs in the Season Track, you could not take the discs for a test drive.

Solution: We added an inspect button to the disc preview in the Season Track, if you tap on the disc, you’re now taken to the Inspect Disc window and can test drive the disc.

See you in the Valley!

Best wishes, the Spinoff Games Team.