Username Guidelines

Disc Golf Valley Display Name Guidelines

To make sure that our community remains safe and inclusive, inappropriate display names that violate our Display Name Guidelines are prohibited. At Spinoff Games, we know that display names play a big role on our platform since they're highly visible and serve various functions. To provide a great user experience and keep our community safe and inclusive, we have established these guidelines.
As a guideline for Disc Golf Valley, display names should avoid including:

  • Terrorism/terrorist organizations
    • References to terrorism or related groups
  • Political statements and references

    • This includes direct endorsements of political figures, parties, or ideologies, as well as slogans, campaign slogans, or divisive political messaging. While we respect individuals' right to express their political beliefs, Disc Golf Valley aims to provide a space focused on disc golf enjoyment, free from potentially divisive or contentious topics.

    • Child grooming/exploitation
      • Mentioning child grooming or exploitation
    • Real-life violence (exceptions: video games, non-hateful historical violence)
      • Threats, promotion, or calls for harm or death to others
      • Violent or threatening usernames
    • Hateful conduct
      • Slurs/derogatory terms targeting marginalized groups
      • Usernames with hateful slurs
      • Glorification, promotion, or advocacy for discrimination of marginalized groups
      • Usernames referencing hate groups
      • Mockery or denial of hate crimes or genocide
    • Harassment and sexual harassment
      • Targeting other people with harassment, including sexual harassment
      • Sexually degrading usernames
    • Suicide and self-harm
      • Threats or promotion of suicide and self-harm
      • Glorification of self-harm methods, including eating disorders
    • Sharing of others' personal information without consent, including:
      • IP/email addresses
      • Mailing/home/private work/school addresses
      • Personal/private phone numbers
      • Sensitive identification/financial info
    • Impersonating others, including:
      • Misrepresenting as a staff member or employee
      • Nearly identical names to other users and attempting to pass off as them
      • Posing as a company or organization representative without authorization
    • Glorification of tragedies
      • Natural disasters causing death
      • Individuals responsible for murder or death
      • Deaths due to violence, including suicides and lethal government/police actions
    • Drugs and drug abuse (exceptions: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana)
      • References to recreational drugs or psychoactive substances
      • References to hard drugs
      • Glorification of prescription or harmful drug abuse
    • Sexually explicit content/behavior
      • Referencing explicit or implied sexual acts
      • Indicating overt sexual arousal
      • References to genitalia or sexual fluids
      • References to sexually transmitted infections or sexual-related trauma
      • Overt references to sexual fetishes
    • Insulting context/negative descriptors
      • Terms related to sexual orientation or disability in a negative or insulting context
      • Referencing Autism or intellectual disability in a negative or insulting context
      • Terms related to sexual orientation, e.g. 'gay,' in a negative or insulting context

    In instances where we think users might be unknowingly violating our Display Name Guidelines, but still acting in good-faith, we might choose to require a display name change instead of permanently suspending the account. We generally do this when the username goes against our rules but seems to be an accidental or unintentional violation. If the display name continues to violate our rules after the allowed name change, Spinoff Games may take stronger actions, like an indefinite suspension.

    Additionally, Spinoff Games wants to emphasize that we reserve the right to modify any display name that violates our guidelines. In such cases, we may either make a permanent change or apply a temporary name while the user is in the process of selecting a new one. This approach gives us the flexibility to maintain a friendly and inclusive environment, ensuring that all users can continue to enjoy Disc Golf Valley without disruptions.

    If a user feels they've been treated unfairly regarding actions taken against their account, they can get in touch with us at Spinoff Games. To contact us, email We're dedicated to making sure the process is fair and transparent, and we'll carefully review and respond to any concerns as quickly as possible.